Pet Policy


Addendum B To Lease


  1. Upon execution of this agreement, resident agrees to pay a non-refundable pet fee of $300.00, per pet. It is understood that this fee will not be applied toward charges incurred for repairs or replacement of items in the apartment or community damaged by the pet. Resident agrees to pay any additional costs resulting from the pet's occupancy.
  2. Upon execution of this agreement, resident agrees to pay a $0.00 per month increase in rent.

3. Resident agrees that only the pet(s) described and named herein will occupy the premises. No additional or different pet(s) are authorized under this agreement without prior written approval of Landlord. Management reserves the right of discretion to disallow any animal they deem not acceptable.

4. Resident agrees that this pet(s) will be kept inside apartment or walked on a leash at all times. Pet(s) must be restrained or accompanied by and under control of resident. Pet(s) may not be tied up and left outside on grounds or in any common areas nor left out on a patio or balcony in the resident's absence.

5. Resident agrees that if pet(s) becomes annoying, bothersome, or in any way a nuisance to other residents or to the apartment operation, resident will immediately upon notice from management remove the pet from the premises or vacate the apartment.

6. Resident agrees not to use the patio or balcony area in lieu of designated walking areas in the community and agrees to clean up the defecation after pet(s) each and every time pet is walked. Pets may not use common areas, walkways or landscaped areas to relieve themselves at any time.

7. Resident agrees that pet(s) will not exceed 100 pounds in weight when full grown (domestic animals only).

8. Feeding of pets in breezeways or common areas is absolutely prohibited.

9. At no time will a pet be considered temporary or a visitor.

  1. Every attempt will be made to assess additional pet charges on the day of move-out by the site personnel; however, there may be times when additional opinions must be weighed. In those cases, residents will be notified via mail of additional charges.
  2. Resident understands Management's Policy regarding calling Animal Control Services to pick up and capture any animals loose on the property.

12. Management reserves the right to deny admittance to any animal at any time for any reason.

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